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Social and Behaviour Change Interventions for Promoting of Timely Introduction of Complementary Feeding

Medium Poster
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopses:
A poster promoting the timely intervention of complementary food when breast milk is no longer enough to meet the nutritional needs of the infant. Soon after completing six months complementary foods such as a paste of boiled vegetable with oil or ghee, idli, banana, papaya, dal, rice, soaked roti should be added to the diet of the child in addition to breastmilk.
Along with Breastmilk:
o Complimentary Food 2-3 times for 6-8 months baby
o Complimentary Food 3-4 times for 9-11 months baby
o Complimentary Food 4-5 times for 12-23 months baby
Keyword(s) Complementary Feeding, Complete Nutrition, Breast milk, Breast Feeding, Telugu
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office New Delhi
Details Color:4 color, Size:19x29 inches, Paper:Chrome art Paper(170 gsm)
Date Created 29-Nov-2017
File Size 7.52 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1471