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tOPV to bOPV – The SWITCH – Frequently Asked Questions for Cold Chain Handlers and Auxiliary Nursing Midwives (ANMs)

Medium Other
Language(s) English
Description The Guide-cum-FAQ (frequently asked questions) for the SWITCH has been designed for Cold Chain Handlers and ANMs. It is a simple 8 pager and answers the most relevant questions on why the SWITCH is happening, what is their specific role before, during and after the SWITCH. It explains the reasons, process and important dates in the process of SWITCH. Dispelling doubts about bOPV, the document elaborates upon use, safety and administration of bOPV. Along with this, important questions about administration of Inactivated Oral Polio Vaccine (IPV) to children for double protection against the polio has been dealt with in the document.
Keyword(s) FAQ, tOPV, bOPV, SWITCH, IPV, responsibilities, ANMs, CCHs
Programme Reproductive and Child Health
Sub-category Polio Eradication
Office New Delhi
Details FAQ, 8 pages
Date Created 01-Mar-2017
File Size 0.89 MB
Ref No RCH/PE/1393