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tOPV to bOPV – The SWITCH – Post the SWITCH

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Description The Post Switch brochure informs the medical practitioner that the SWITCH from trivalent to bivalent oral polio vaccine in India took place on 25th April 2016 and all tOPV vaccines have been safely discarded. Post the switch the World Health Organization is undertaking an audit of all cold chain points and clinics to validate that there are no remaining vials left of tOPV. This will be validated by switch monitors in both public and private sectors. Thereafter, on the National Validation Day, i.e., 9th May 2016 the country will be declared tOPV free. The brochure lists steps to be followed after the Switch.
o Stop using tOPV and Start using bOPV.
o If you have tOPV stock after the SWITCH date, ensure that you remove the tOPV stock from your clinic, put the tOPV stock in a package and mark it clearly as biowaste.
o Ensure that you return this excess tOPV stock to the District Health Officer/ Chief Medical Officer for disposal.
o Check that your clinic does not have any tOPV stock remaining.
Keyword(s) tOPV, bOPV, April 25, SWITCH, stock, biowaste
Programme Reproductive and Child Health
Sub-category Polio Eradication
Office New Delhi
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Date Created 01-Mar-2017
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