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Training Module 10 – ”Aapasi sanchaar ke vibhinn saadhan evam unka prayog” ”Saamajik evam vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar” ”Swasthya karyakarta prasikshan module shrankhla”

Medium Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description This module explains the effective use of communication material by health workers. Use of communication materials such as poster, flip book, dangler, pamphlet and folder make the process of communication more effective and impactful. These materials attract people's attention, help in seeking effective participation, ensure easy and longer retention of messages and support facilitation of group meetings. The module specifically details out the key pointers on use of flip book, poster and pamphlet/folder.

Suggested Audience: Health workers
Keyword(s) Module, communication material, sanchaar saamagri, health workers, swasthya karyakarta, interpersonal communication, aapasi sanchaar, group meetings, samooh bethak
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office Bhopal
Details Book, 8 pages
Date Created 29-Mar-2017
File Size 0.33 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1411