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Training Module 3 – ”Sanchaar se parichay, prabhavi sanchaar ke ang, sunne ki kala evam khule prashn” ”Saamajik evam vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar” ”Swasthya karyakarta prasikshan module shrankhla”

Medium Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description This module provides an introduction to the process of communication and explains the concepts of effective communication, art of listening and open-ended questions. The module discusses one-way and two-way communication. It also describes the communication cycle and its components including sender, receiver, message, medium and feedback.

Effective communication is an important part of behaviour change communication. It helps in winning people's trust and is useful in discussing even personal and sensitive issues. Similarly active listening also helps in behaviour change. Active listening helps in knowing a person and gathering vital information about him/her and his/her family and community. It further facilitates identification and understanding of a person's needs, problems and potential challenges to behaviour change. While listening to the person, it is also important to ask questions to gather relevant information about him/her. Asking questions is also an art. A health worker should use open ended questions while communicating with a person. Additionally, questions should be worded in simple language. The health worker should avoid asking many questions at a time and the person must be given sufficient time to answer the questions.

Suggested Audience: Health workers
Keyword(s) Module, behaviour change communication, vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar, process of communication, sanchaar ki prakriya, active listening, sunne ki kala, open ended questions, khule prashn, health workers, swasthya karyakarta
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office Bhopal
Details Book, 16 pages
Date Created 29-Mar-2017
File Size 0.92 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1404