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Training Module 6 – ”VHND ke doraan aapasi sanchaar tatha salaah” ”Saamajik evam vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar” ”Swasthya karyakarta prasikshan module shrankhla”

Medium Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description The module explains the use of Village Health and Nutrition Day (VHND) as an effective platform for interpersonal communication and counselling by health workers. The module with the help of a story depicts the importance of creating a conducive environment for interpersonal communication during the VHND and communicating four important messages post immunisation. The four key messages which must be communicated by the ANM to the mother after immunisation are:
o Which vaccine was given against which disease/s
o Common problems that may occur after the vaccination
o When should the mother and child come for next vaccination
o Telling the mother to keep the mother and child protection card safely and bringing it during the next vaccination

The module also highlights that during the VHND the venue should be kept neat and clean, there should be adequate space for people to sit and roles of different people including ANM, health worker AWW should be allocated before. All this will be instrumental in creation on a conducive environment for interpersonal communication and counselling during VHND. Apart from this, ANM and health worker should treat the community members respectfully, greet and smile at them and give them enough time to ask questions and clarify their doubts.

Suggested Audience: Health workers
Keyword(s) Module, VHND, interpersonal comunication, aapasi sanchaar, counselling, salaah/paramarsh, health workers, swasthya karyakarta, immunisation, teekakaran
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office Bhopal
Details Book, 40 pages
Date Created 29-Mar-2017
File Size 2.23 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1407