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Training Module 7 – ”Samooh ke saath sanchaar” ”Saamajik evam vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar” ”Swasthya karyakarta prasikshan module shrankhla”

Medium Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description The module focuses on group communication and provides the knowledge and skills required by health workers to organise and conduct group meetings. It also brings out the challenges faced in organising group meetings such as starting the meeting on time, low attendance, only few people take the lead during the group discussion. Despite these challenges, group discussions are beneficial because they provide people the opportunity to share their view before the group, it brings members closer to each other and different and divergent aspects of a topic are discussed during these meetings. A health worker plays a dual role of speaker and facilitator of the discussion during these meetings. Therefore health workers should possess following skills for conducting effective group discussions:
o Coordination, listening, summarising the discussion and time management
o Ensuring proper seating space and adequate attendance and participation of members
o Enabling all members to actively participate in the discussion and share their views and opinions

The module also explains the process of conducting a group discussion on diarrhea.

Suggested Audience: Health workers
Keyword(s) Module, VHND, interpersonal comunication, aapasi sanchaar, counselling, salaah/paramarsh, health workers, swasthya karyakarta, immunisation, teekakaran
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office Bhopal
Details Book, 16 pages
Date Created 29-Mar-2017
File Size 0.44 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1408