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Training Module 9 – ”Maatra-sishu suraksha card ka prabhaavi prayog (Saamudaayik samvaad upkaran)” ”Saamajik evam vyavhaar parivartan sanchaar” ”Swasthya karyakarta prasikshan module shrankhla”

Medium Book
Language(s) Hindi
Description The module shows that mother and child protection card is not only a document to record information but also an effective communication tool. Therefore, health workers should be adept in using this card as an effective interpersonal communication tool. Through a role play activity, the module explains that mother and child protection card can be used to inform and educate mothers, families and communities on issues of breastfeeding, top feed, handwashing, diarrhea and consumption of ORS and zinc during diarrhea among others.

Suggested Audience: Health Workers
Keyword(s) Module, mother and child protection card, maatra-shishu suraksha card, communication tool, sanchaar ke upkaran, health worker, swasthya karyakarta, breastfeeding, stanpaan
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office Bhopal
Details Book, 12 pages
Date Created 29-Mar-2017
File Size 0.38 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1410