Covid Vaccine Registration Vaccination for 18+ years older link and process

Covid Vaccine Registration for 18+ Years old Process, Link and other details check here. Cowin Portal is a platform where you can get all the information about the vaccination campaign launched by the Government of India. The COVID -19 epidemic has been going on since the last time and coronavirus infection has spread in the country. The government has made every effort to avoid the pandemic from India. But stopping it will not be easy.

So the government has decided to vaccinate every person in the country and start a vaccination camp to defeat the coronavirus. In this direction, the government has launched a portal named Cowin Portal for Covid Vaccine Registration Online, where every person can register online and get the vaccine on time. These are important steps of the government to vaccinate every citizen to avoid infection.

Covid Vaccine Registration Online

The COVID 19 Vaccine is now available to all. To know the vaccine details, you need to register and track the availability of the vaccine with the Vaccine Center in India using the Cowin Portal. This is a good application by the government to make the vaccine available at your nearest vaccine center. All the information will be available on the Covid Vaccine Registration. So you have to log on to the Cowin Portal Registration online and then register on the app to get the information.

It is beneficial for all the people of India to get the vaccine on time if they have registered on the Cowin portal. The government has also suggested all the people go through the portal and register themselves to get the vaccine dose on time.

All necessary steps were taken by the Government of India to avoid the infection of coronavirus in the human body. In such a situation, the vaccination campion has also started vaccination of every citizen. The government has also provided some guidelines that people should follow to avoid the way the virus is transmitted.

Co-Win Portal Vaccine Registration – Overview

Name of PortalCowin Portal
Designed forCovid Vaccine Registration
Commencement of RegistrationApril 28, 2021
Vaccination of 18+ Years Old Commenced fromMay 1, 2021
Required Age to Get Vaccine Dose18+ Years Old
Vaccines AvailableCovishield Vaccine
Covaxin Vaccine
Sputnik V Vaccine
Pfizer Vaccine
Astrazeneca Vaccine
Official Covid 19 Vaccine Online Registration

Cowin Portal Registration is an online process that can be accessed from the official website. The government of India has launched a portal for every citizen to do Covid Vaccine Registration. If you also want to use the portal then read this complete article and get the link to download Cowin Application Form below. The main advantage of this cowin portal is to find a vaccine center, apply for vaccine doses to nearby vaccine centers or find out the availability of vaccines.

All recent updates will be available on this platform. You can use this portal to select the Vaccine Center for taking Vaccine Dose 1 and Dose 2. Vaccine Choice made on the Cowin Portal is now active. The portal has multiple roles that the people of India can access.

There is also a vaccine certificate available on the Cowin portal to confirm that the person has taken 1 or 2 or both of their vaccine doses. People in all age groups of 18 – 45 years are now vaccinated by the government. If you don’t want to take any dose you can register on the Cowin portal for dosages 1 and 2 respectively.

Covid Vaccine Registration Vaccination for 18+ years older link and process
Covid Vaccine Registration for 18+ years older

Features of Citizen Self Registration Module at Cowin Portal

Now the Covid Vaccine Registration is open for all. Everyone can go through the portal and can register for the Vaccination. The government has also advised to all people use the Covid Vaccine Registration Portal to take the Vaccine doses. Here we are mentioning some Features of Cowin Portal Registration. You should check the point and know the mode of the Use of Cowin Portal for Covid Vaccine Registration.

By using the Cowin Application, people can get accurate information about the availability of the Vaccine at the nearby Vaccine Center. They can also Register with one portal for the other 3 members whatever they. You can also check which Vaccine Available at the Vaccine Center Nearby You?. Further can collect from below:

  • By using, Cowin Portal Registration can check the Session of Vaccination.
  • Select the Vaccine Center to take the Vaccine available There.
  • Schedule the Vaccination as per the Slot Available at the Nearby Vaccine Center.
  • You may also cancel or Reschedule of Vaccine Slot as per the Availability.
  • Trace the Vaccine Available at the Vaccine Center that you have booked slot.
Covid Vaccine 1st Dose RegistrationCovid Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration
Covishield Vaccine RegistrationSputnik V Vaccine Registration
Delta Plus Variant SymptomsLambda Variant Symptoms
Covid Vaccine Certificate DownloadCovid Vaccine Certificate Correction
Covid Vaccine Certificate VerificationLink Passport with Covid Vaccine Certificate

Documents Required for Covid Vaccine Registration

If you are going to Register Online on Cowin Portal for Vaccination, then need some documents to complete the process. Here we have listed some documents that can use to Get Cowin Portal Registration for Vaccination. Check the list below.

  • Applicants Aadhar Card,
  • Valid Driving License
  • Health Insurance Smart Card Issued by Ministry of Labour.
  • MGNREGA Job Card
  • PAN Card,
  • Passport,
  • Pension Documents if Have,
  • Voter ID Card,
  • Identity Card issued by any Official, etc.

Steps for Covid Vaccine Registration at Cowin Portal

  1. First, all users need to go through the Cowin Portal Registration website.
  2. Now you need to tap on the Register/ Sign in Yourself option.
  3. Enter the valid Mobile number to get OTP.
  4. After entering the number an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number.
  5. Enter the OTP which will valid for 10 Minutes and click to verify.
  6. Once OTP Validated, click to Cowin Portal Register for Vaccination.
  7. After then enter the required details in the Registration Page opened on the screen.
  8. Now you will have to provide a Valid ID Proof to get Register for Vaccination.
  9. Once you provided the ID Proof, then click to Register Now.
  10. After the registration completed, a verification SMS will be sent to the mobile number.

How to Add 3 more Persons for Vaccination on Same number

  1. Once the Cowin Portal Registration Completed for Vaccination, then the Account Details will show by the system.
  2. Now you can add 3 more persons on the same number for the Vaccination.
  3. The Add More option will show on the right side of the screen.
  4. Tap on the option and the window will open now.
  5. Add all the required details to the individual, and then click to Add Button.

How to Delete individuals linked with their Mobile Number at Cowin Portal

  1. If anyone who has Cowin Portal Registration for Vaccination on their Number can easily remove them by following some steps as mentioned below.
  2. Go through Covid Vaccine Registration.
  3. Login with a valid Username and Password.
  4. Tap on Remove Individual Link.
  5. After clicking on Remove Member, a confirmation message will appear on the screen.
  6. Click to the dialog box and complete the process of Removing members from their number.

Steps to Book Appointment for Vaccination on Cowin Portal

  1. Anyone can use this portal to booking for Vaccination.
  2. First, you need to visit Cowin Portal.
  3. Login with Valid Login details like Username and Password.
  4. After the login completed Account Details will show.
  5. Now tap on Book Appointment for Vaccine.
  6. Search the Vaccine Availability by District Wise or PIN Code Wise.
  7. Now the availability is showing on the screen as per provided District Name or PIN Code Number.
  8. Click to anyone and Book the Appointment for Vaccination.
  9. Find the Vaccine Slot Nearby Vaccine Center and tap on Book.
  10. After clicking on Book Option, the Appointment Confirmation page will be displayed.
  11. Click the Conformation button and verify the details for the final booking.

Steps to Rescheduling an Appointment for Vaccination

  1. Once you Book an Appointment for Vaccination can do cancel or reschedule anytime.
  2. To Reschedule the Vaccine appointment, go through the Cowin Portal.
  3. Login with Username and Password.
  4. After login into the Portal, account details will be displayed on the screen.
  5. Now choose the Vaccine Reschedule Appointment Option on there.
  6. Confirm the Rescheduling Process for Vaccination by click on Conform.
  7. One-click to Conform, the Appointment Successful message will display.
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