Link Passport Number In Vaccine certificate at – Instructions and Complete Process

Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate Instructions and Complete Process available in this post. Before the infection of corona-virus, life was so easy that we did not have to follow many rules and regulations or take care of anything before going anywhere. But due to Coronavirus, today we have to think 100 times even before stepping out of the house and take a lot of precautions.

If you are thinking of going out of India then you need to know one thing. It is very important for you to Link Passport Number In Vaccine certificate because it will be used while you travel outside India.The second wave of corona virus has created a havoc and now gradually the cases of corona have started decreasing and in such a situation, the ICMR has asked everyone to follow covid 19 SOP’s.

As soon as the cases of covid-19 have started decreasing, people have started going out and started flouting rules. People are bored sitting at home, so everyone must be planning to go out somewhere. But nowadays the condition of all countries is bad due to Corona and in such a situation, wherever you go, get the corona vaccine and then go.

Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate

There is a great news for travelers going abroad from India as the CoWin has allowed users to Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate. This news has been tweeted from the official account of Twitter of Arogya Setu App. One thing is clear that if you do not take the vaccine, then you will not be able to do any international travel and if you are planning to go foreign, then it is mandatory for you to link your passport with the vaccine certificate.

Those people who have already been vaccinated and have used a different photo ID and now want to do linking process can use this post. If you are planning to travel then you will need get both doses of vaccine.

Via this post we will help you to Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate, downloading your vaccination certificate and getting the correct details on your vaccine certificate. Often people keep going out of India for travel or for some work and keeping in mind the current situation, it has become mandatory to get the corona virus vaccine to avoid the infection of corona virus. In such a situation, many countries see the corona virus vaccination certificate of people before entering their country.

The Government of India has come up with an online facility by which you can link your passport with the corona virus Vaccine Certificate and you can take it as a vaccine shot proof while traveling anywhere. Covid Vaccine Registration
Covid Vaccine 1st Dose Registration
Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration
Covid Vaccine Certificate Download
Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction
Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification
Covid Self Test Kit
Delta Plus Variant Symptoms
Lambda Variant Symptoms

Vaccine Online certificate link with passport- Guideline

The delta + variant of Corona has again started creating panic in the world as the damage done in the second wave has not yet been compensated, that the third wave has started knocking. Keeping all these things in mind, it has become very important to get corona vaccine jab.In such a situation, every person should definitely registered on the cowin and get the shot.

Regardless of whether a person has got an jab or not, he or she must have registered on cowin as recently this news has been received from the official Twitter account of the Arogya Setu application that anyone who wants to travel internationally can Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate and you will get this complete facility on the cowin app.

Link Passport Number In Vaccine certificate at - Instructions and Complete Process
Link Passport Number in Vaccine Certificate at

Link Passport Number In Vaccine certificate -Benefits

  • If you are traveling outside India then you will be asked for covid 19 vaccination during checking, then you can easily show this document in which your vaccination certificate is also attached.
  • Government of India has issued this very simple and profitable process under which you can easily travel to other country without any problem. The most important thing is that you have to avoid the new variant of corona virus and take full care of yourself by following all the rules of corona virus infection.

Method to link passport with Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

  1. Sign in to your account via and click on the “Raise Issue” button in the account details section.
  2. Then you will see options like, Add Passport Details and guys then click on it and then select the name of the person whose passport you want to add from the drop down menu and in the “Enter Beneficiary’s Passport Number” section enter the passport number.
  3. After getting verified the passport number to confirm that it is valid then click on submit request.
  4. Now you will get an updated certificate in few seconds and the updated certificate will remove the other ID and replace the passport.
  5. If the name on Passport and Id Proof is different, you can also get the name corrected to match the name of Passport.
  6. If you update ID documents on Cowin after the 1st Dose, remember, you will need to carry your passport for your 2nd Dose and if you are starting the process afresh to get your vaccine, you must first show the passport for the vaccine in your ID proof.
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FAQs- Link passport with Covid-19 vaccine certificate

What is a Covid-19 vaccine certificate originated digitally?

A Covid-19 vaccine certificate is provided by Indian government’s document in support of your vaccinated against COVID-19.

I have not used my passport as ID proof so can I Link Passport Number In Vaccine Certificate later?

Yes, you can link your passport as ID proof so can I link the vaccination certificate with your passport later on.

What is the way of connecting of passport number with Covid-19 vaccine certificate?

The entire process is explained in detail via Aarogya Setu’s Twitter account and it has been told that via cowin app, you will be able to do this work easily.

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