UNICEF India Internship – Check Details about Working with www.unicef.org

UNICEF India Internship details available on this webpage. UNICEF was founded on 11 December 1946 in New York and it is identified as an organization that works for the better future of all children. In the year 1949 UNICEF started its work in India. Very few people will know that UNICEF has played an important role in the construction of India’s first penicillin plant, the first DDT plant, and India’s white revolution. UNICEF was established by the United Nations General Assembly in December 1946, in view of the plight of children in Europe after the World War II.

Unicef India Internship

The main purpose of UNICEF was to make the lives of children affected by World War II more secure, so that the society affected by the demolition can be reconstructed and a new hope can be communicated.With the establishment of UNICEF, according to the basic nature of the United Nations, it was announced that this organization would not discriminate on any basis on the basis of caste, religion, nationality, political ideology etc. In the same spirit, UNICEF’s first executive director, Morris Pate, conditioned his appointment that the organisation would provide support to all children, including children from friendly and former hostile countries.


UNICEF was awarded the Nobel Prize in 1965 for better work and peace. Apart from this, UNICEF was awarded the Indira Gandhi Peace Prize in 1989. UNICEF currently has offices in various cities around the world. Apart from this, its employees are employed in around 200 places. This organization deals with the upbringing, education and health of orphan children and refugee children.UNICEF started working in India in the year 1949. UNICEF continues to work in the fight against HIV/AIDS in around 50 countries around the world.

Details about Internship in UNICEF India

If you get an opportunity to become in an intern in UNICEF India Internship then it will boost your morale.Even today, every year a large number of young students are pursuing professional courses, but still there are some sectors in which the number of students is less. The thing to note is that the job scope is higher in these sectors. One such sector is NGO management. If you have an interest in social work, love to interact with people, then you too can make a career in NGO management.

UNICEF India Internship - Check Details about Working with www.unicef.org

On making a career in NGO management, you get many opportunities to work not only at national but also at international level.At international level, you can work in positions like Community Service Manager, Health Officer. The trusts working for social work in India can work in sectors such as Rural Health Care, AIDS Awareness Projects, Women’s Related Projects, Child Abuse Prevention Committee, Drug Rehabilitation Centers, Street Children Education Campaign, Juvenile Centers, Social Work Provider in organizations like UNICEF, United Nations, UNESCO, NATO, World Health Organization.

After selection in UNICEF as an Intern

It depends on the needs, qualifications, and interests of the assigned office and if you have are in need for education, then you need to include this information with CV. Here at UNICEF India Internship work in 1 or more projects, including research, administration, communications etc.In order to make the internship valuable and effective, the duration is usually lies between 6 weeks to 26 weeks and UNICEF do encourages their office bearers to pay stipends to interns. And also these opportunities may be free or paid, depending on funding.

Regardless of the internship payment method, all selected candidates need to arrange their own travel, accommodation and living expenses during the internship. Also interns should not expect a job at the end of the internship but they may apply to certain UNICEF vacancies in according with national guidelines, including guidelines for early removable. Certifications via UNICEF are a valuable and can be the foundation of a personal career in the future. So if you are selected then do your work at UNICEF with honesty.

Future of Unicef

In these 75 years, UNICEF has enhanced its expertise to improve the life and health of children. The organization has benefited from advances in medical services, health care, nutrition and drinking water and sanitation. Human skill and innovation has been a trademark of UNICEF. For decades, the organization has devised simple and high-impact measures. Whether it is the delivery of pasteurized milk in the initial phase or the monitoring of the health and nutrition of the children of remote areas through mobile phones at present.

UNICEF’s next step will depend on our ability to accept the changing world. We can create a link between humanitarian work and development work, and build bridges between public sector capacity and new discoveries in the private sector. We can harness the power of digital technology and social media. We can secure material resources by building political will to ensure the ‘first call for children’ in all countries. We are looking forward to the golden future of every child in the world with full hope and perseverance.

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Unicef India Internship FAQs

What do UNICEF think about the development of a child?

UNICEF believes that every child is born with equal rights to health, safe childhood and it’s main mission is to focus on all children, which includes the mental and physical health of children as well as education, social protection, safe drinking water and sanitation etc. UNICEF believes that the cycle of poverty, disease and starvation is a hindrance to global development and is a violation of the human rights of children.The authority of UNICEF provides direction for the creation of a world where all children have equal opportunities.

Will i get the salary from UNICEF after getting selected in UNICEF India Internship?

It will depend on the officials of the United Nations Children’s Fund or the motive of internship. Please refer the official website for more on this.

How to apply for UNICEF India Internship?

To apply for UNICEF India Internship you need to contact the UNICEF’s India officials as they are responsible to reply on this matter.

What will be my future after attaining UNICEF India Internship?

Any person who wishes to serve the society can join this organization but your purpose should be social service only. If UNICEF selects you as an intern then it can become a turning point for your future.

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