Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 (How to?) Update from Windows 7/10

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 from Windows 7,8,10 etc step by step procedure available in this post. Software and hardware are used to run the computer, everyone knows about the hardware, software is called the program using which the computer is run. Software is used in computer are of Windows and Linux Operating System (OS), any device like mobile, computer etc has operating system, if you use android mobile then it works on android operating system.

Similarly, the computer has Windows OS and new updates keep installing in it, computer users first used to get Windows XP operating system by Microsoft which was upgraded and most of the people use old versions only. We are also using this, but now Microsoft after many years has also announced Windows 11, in which users will get latest features 

Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11

Recently, Microsoft has launched a new version of Windows, Windows 11, which is in great discussion, which is going to be a new version of Windows after Windows 10, for almost a month, many leaks were surfacing whose official announcement was on 24 June 2021. After the release, you will be able to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11.

However, at the time of the launch of Windows 10, in 2015, Microsoft announced that Windows 10 will be the final version and after that only Windows 10 will be updated and no new version of Windows will be out but Windows 11 has been launched which is quite surprising.

Windows 11 is the latest version which Microsoft recently announced and it will be out at the end of 2021. It will be seen that it has been launched after 6 years of Windows 10 and it is full of many new features for which people are also very excited.Windows 10 users will be able to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 directly through Windows Update, although there is no 32 Bit version release, so if you use a 32 Bit Architecture PC then you will not be able to install it. 

Windows 11 System Requirements-Details

Processor RequirementsTo run Windows 11, the computer processor must be at least 1 Ghz or faster with 2 core processor and 64 bit compatible processor.
RAM RequirementsTo use Windows 11, PC’s RAM should be at least 4GB i.e. 4 Gigabyte.
Hard disk/ROM RequirementsThe hard disk size of the PC should be more than 64GB.
Display Requirements HD Display and it should be more than 720 pixels 
Graphic Card RequirementsWindows 11 will be compatible with Direct X 12 and WDDM 2.0 Driver.
Trusted Platform Module RequirementsTPM version 2.0
Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 (How to?) Update from Windows 7/10
Upgrade to Windows 11 from 7/8/10

How to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 from Windows 10

  1. If your system has windows 10 then you can easily Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 so, turn on your computer, here the windows icon will appear, click on this icon, now many options will be there, out of which click on the setting icon.
  2. Now you will arrive on the computer settings, there will be many options, out of which click on the option with Update & Security.
  3. After this you will get an option with windows insider program and you should click on it and in insider program you have to press on the get started option.
  4. Then you will get, Link a account option, on clicking on it you will be asked to select Microsoft account if you and if you do not have a Microsoft account then create your Microsoft account and press the continue.
  5. After this you will see the option of pick your insider setting, click on Confirm and you will be mentioned about the Windows Insider program and if you want to know about its privacy statement, you can read about it by clicking on it, then clicking on the confirm option.
  6. And then you will be asked to restart the computer, click on the Restart Now option and after this, the process of Windows Update will start running, after the process is completed, the PC will open, and a new dashboard will appear.
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Is it possible to upgrade Windows 7 to Windows 11

If you are still using Windows 7 and planning to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11, it may be possible but this will require a fresh install. Lenovo has released the Windows 11 page, and it suggests that Windows 7 users will be able to upgrade to Windows 11 via a fresh install only.

For this, you have to back up all your data before doing a clean installation of Windows 11 on your laptop or a PC else you will lose all your data after the installment of the windows 11.

According to the support on Lenovo’s website, for Windows 7 devices that meet the hardware requirements, have to install or re-image to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11. As this support page has been posted for Lenovo users but this also applies to other devices that are using older versions of Windows like windows 7 but, before that you should make sure that your laptop or PC is compatible with Windows 11.

Official Websitehttps://www.microsoft.com/
HomepageClick Here

FAQs related to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11

How to Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11 for laptop or a PC?

Windows 11 will be available to the users on Microsoft’s site and it will be available at the end of this year.

Will I need to buy a new laptop or a PC for Windows 11?

No, you do not need to buy a a new laptop or a PC for Windows 11, for this you should have system requirements, according to that your laptop or PC is compatible, then you can download and install Windows in the same system itself.

Do we get something unique in Windows 11?

Windows 11 has been given a whole new look as the first time Microsoft is experimenting with something else. Inside it you will find attractive and advanced themes and every time you update it, a new graphics will appear.

I want to remove Windows 10 from my laptop and install Windows 11 what to do?

If you want to upgrade your windows 10 to windows 11, then for this you have to use windows upgrade installer, after that you choose the option of Upgrade to Microsoft Windows 11, this will upgrade to windows 11.

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