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Dekho jab bhi baal shram aas-paas, turantt jao, ashthani adhikaariyon ke paas

Medium Poster
Language(s) Hindi
Description Synopses:
The poster talk about Protecting children from child labour to ensure a healthy and prosperous future for children.The poster also urges people to play an active role for ensuring a child labour free society.

Primary Message:

• Child labour
• Consequences of child labour.
• Role and Responsibilities of every citizen to eradicate child labour.

Suggest Audience:

Mixed Audience
Women, Men, Mothers , Fathers, Guardian, Children, Teachers, Panchayat members .
Keyword(s) Child Labour, Poster, Child Protection, Child Labour,Child Trafficking, Education For Children, Government Schemes, Social Security And Welfare Schemes .
Programme Child Protection
Sub-category Child Labour
Office Lucknow
Details Poster
Date Created 09-Nov-2015
File Size 1.19 MB
Ref No CP/CL/1124