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Social and Behaviour Change Interventions for Anaemia Prevention in Pregnant Women

Medium Poster
Language(s) Telugu
Description Synopses:
An advisory poster for expectant mothers to receive needed care and protection. It informs them how pregnant women are at an increased risk of iron deficiency anaemia. It shares four vital measures that can help prevent the condition: Blood Test in the 5th month of pregnancy, a healthy diet that includes plenty of leafy vegetables and fruits, to take Iron-Folic Acid Tablet (IFA) tablets for 100 days after 14 weeks of pregnancy and, to take Iron-Folic Acid Tablet (IFA) tablets for 100 days post-delivery.

Keyword(s) Pregnant Women, Mothers, Antenatal Care, Anaemia Prevention, Healthy Diet, IFA Tablets, Medical Check-Up, Telugu
Programme Training
Sub-category Social and Behaviour Change
Office New Delhi
Details Color:4 color, Size:19x29 inches, Paper:Chrome art Paper(170 gsm)
Date Created 29-Nov-2017
File Size 9.69 MB
Ref No T/SABC/1461