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Teeke ke baad kabhi-kabhi bukhaar ya soojan aana swabhavik hai. Ghabrayein mat

Medium Poster
Language(s) Hindi
Description The poster informs the viewers that sometimes after the vaccination a child may fever or swelling, these are natural signs and parents must not worry. It further tells the parents and care givers that a child can be and should be vaccinated even if it has cold and/or cough.
Keyword(s) Immunization, child health, poster, fever, swelling, cold, cough, vaccination, 5 saal 7 baar campaign, new RI campaign
Programme Reproductive and Child Health
Sub-category Immunization Plus
Office New Delhi
Details Poster (19 x 29 inches)
Date Created 27-May-2017
File Size 1.87 MB
Ref No RCH/IP/1422