– Covid Self Test Kit, How to Use, Price, Instructions and Where to Buy Online

Covid Self Test Kit Price, Instructions to Use, Buy Online and other details check in this post. In view of the difficulties being faced in getting people tested in the dangerous wave of corona epidemic in the country, the Indian Council of Medical Research has approved the test kit coviself developed for corona test at home.

This Covid Self Test Kit priced at Rs 250, manufactured by a Pune-based company, will get the test report in just 15 minutes. Now you will not need to go to health centers for random testing of corona nor need to call anyone home for sample collection. You yourself will be able to easily test the corona in your own home.

Covid Self Test Kit

Coviself, the first personal testing kit for at-home covid testing, is now available in the market and you can get it via flip-kart. For home testing via coviself, you have to download the app from Google Play Store and Apple Store in mobile and the positive or negative reports will be available only via the mobile app. Those doing home testing will have to take a sample of the swab in the nose from the test strip and take a picture and then this picture has to be taken from the same phone on which the mobile app is downloaded.

Coviself should be used by any symptomatic person or his/her immediate contacts in confirmed cases as per ICMR guidelines and they can do self test, go into isolation and get treatment quickly and each Covid Self Test Kit would include essential test material, usage leaflet for use instructions and a bio-hazard bag for safe disposal after the test.

The test is performed using nasal swabs to reduce user discomfort as this eliminates the need for sample collection by a healthcare professional, it will reduce the delay in test results, also it will decrease the pressure on overcrowded test labs, which generally takes 72 hours to provide the test result and with this a patient can start the treatment instantly. - Covid Self Test Kit, How to Use, Price, Instructions and Where to Buy Online
Coviself Covid Self Test Kit

Coviself Self Test Kit 2021 Details

Kit NameCoviself
UseTo test the covid 19
Coviself Developed byMylab Discovery Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Technology of Coviself Self Test KitRapid Antigen Test
Price of Coviself Self Test KitRs. 250
Time duration of Result by Coviself Self Test Kitin 15 minutes
Coviself Self Test Kit Available onFlipkart Covid Vaccine Registration
Covid Vaccine 1st Dose Registration
Covid Vaccine 2nd Dose Registration
Covid Vaccine Certificate Download
Covid Vaccine Certificate Verification
Covid Vaccine Certificate Correction
Delta Plus Variant Symptoms
Lambda Variant Covid 19 Symptoms

Instruction for home based Covid Self Test Kit

  • The Covid Self Test Kit gives results within 15 minutes of use and the test is coordinated with CoviSelf, a mobile app that will help directly feed positive case reports on the ICMR website.
  • Keep the kit out of reach of children and do not test in front of children.
  • There will be a manual with the Covid Self Test Kit, which will tell you how to test for corona yourself without the help of any one and as we know this is RAT, only a nasal swab will be required and the test will take only few minutes and you will know the result within 15 minutes.
  • ICMR recommends that this test should not be done by all and it must be performed only by people who have symptoms or are in contact with a positive patients.
Coviseld Covid Self Test Kit Instructions and How to Use
Covid Self Test Kit How to Use

Process to Use Coviself Self Test Kit at home

  1. Guys first of all download Mylab CoviSelf App and after opening it enter your credentials and now, scan the QR code on the test device to link the code with the entered credentials
  2. Now take out the corona home test kit coviself
  3. The nasal swab placed in it must be inserted as per the instructions into the nose and now take out the remaining swabs and close the test tube lid, push the test tube into the kit, add 2-3 drops one by one, and check the result after few minutes.
  4. If only c displays in the control section, a negative result means that it is not covid positive and if the test part displays in T, please understand that it means you are positive for Covid. If you get the positive result then refer to the doctor and get the treatment on time and keep yourself isolated from other family members.
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Covid Self Test Price

The cost of the Coviself kit will be Rs 250, which is inclusive of tax and after using the kit if the positive report comes, the patient will not need any other test. However, patients with corona symptoms whose report will come negative, they will also have to get RT-PCR test done later.

Coviself Buy Online

The ICMR had approved the Pune based firm for its new self-use rapid home based test kit for corona virus, which will track either you are corona virus positive or not within 15 minutes. Pune based diagnostics firm has started delivering the coviself kit all over the India as it is a self-testing kit, using which we will be able to do the corona virus test at home. Covid Self Test Kit will be available at pharmacies and Flip kart so you can buy them online.

Covid Self Test Kit 2021 F.A.Qs

What is the price of Covid Self Test Kit approved by ICMR?

The price of covid 19 Self Test Kit approved by ICMR has been kept at Rs 250 at present, which any person can easily buy and do their covid 19 Self Test.

Is there any way to buy Covid Self Test Kit 2021 via online?

You can buy Covid Self Test Kit online via Flip kart and you can also get if from any medical store

In how much time Coviself Self Test Kit will provide the test result?

The Coviself Self Test Kit result will be available within 15 minutes so you dont have to wait for long time.

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